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Welcome to Apollo’s Retreat

Whether you love books, movies, food, art or all of the above, we’re working hard to make a place to discover and discuss all the things you enjoy!

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Search Less. Find More.

We’re building extended directories of businesses, products and services and adding hundreds of listings a week. Let us know what you’d like to see, so we can make it easier for you to find the things you want.


Discover cult classics, hidden gems and new releases


Customise your profile and control your privacy


Easily link to your favourite stores from listing pages


Earn achievements and be entered into monthly draws


Help build the site by adding listings or suggesting changes


We’ll be adding more treasures¬†as we move toward 2015!

“Top of the World, ma!”

Yep, we’re aiming high. We want to offer want we can to make this an inclusive experience and let people share their entertainment news, reviews and insights without having to visit multiple sites. We know that we won’t replace giants such as Goodreads and IMDB and we’re not aiming to do that. What we can do is provide a great experience that connects you with people who share your interests – plural – rather than focusing on one area. That’ll be our “Top of the world, ma!” moment.

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